Iran’s Parliament Pledges to Assist Administration in Supplying COVID-19 Vaccine

In comments at a Sunday session of the parliament, Qalibaf said the top priority is to ensure the health of people and remove the restrictions in the battle with the pandemic.

Any approach that would allay the concerns of people about the coronavirus pandemic more rapidly and reliably must be put on the agenda, he added.

Qalibaf assured the Iranian people that the parliament will work in cooperation with the administration to provide financing for the production of a homegrown COVID-19 vaccine or purchase and import of vaccine from abroad.

On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the Islamic Republic is on par with other countries in combating the coronavirus pandemic, giving an assurance that his administration has made arrangements to obtain reliable vaccines from abroad and develop a homegrown vaccine for the disease as well.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.

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