Man who thought he was 'too fit' for Covid says 'this is real' from hospital bed
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A singer who believed he was too 'fit and healthy' to contract coronavirus has issued a stark warning from his hospital bed as he fights the killer bug.

Jammie Bosstel explained the "virus is not a hoax" and "it's the real s**t" in a brutally honest video streamed on Facebook Live while he was on an oxygen machine in hospital.


The 49-year-old factory worker from Indiana, who is in the band Praise the Fallen, said he nearly died from the virus.

Jammie can be seen struggling to breathe as he spoke in the 11 minute video from the ICU ward at St. Joseph Health System, Mishawaka.

He starts the video, recorded on November 5, saying: “Hey, what’s up everybody out there. I thought I’d tell you my story here. All right…

Jammie Bosstel said he had no idea who would see his story and he really didn’t care

“I just wanted you people see this this is real. This is real. This ain’t no hoax. There’s no politics. This s**t’s real.


“Little things we take for granted, like going to the bathroom. Sorry to get disgusting."

Explaining his ordeal he continues: “Oxygen level dropping to 65 while you’re trying to go to the bathroom and you need a cold rag, you’re about to pass out and die on the floor.

“I’ve been lonely. I’ve had breakdowns. I’ve cried.

“This is real. This is real. Covid-19 is real. I am your living proof. And I want you all to hear it.”

He said he made the video as he wants people to realise they need to do all they can to tackle coronavirus.

“I’m tired of seeing all these people; these ungrateful people that are out there right now walking and breathing, and they got all these ideas that you don’t need to wear masks", he continues.

"Wear your mask. Don’t be stupid!

“This can get anybody, and I’m living proof. Look at me. Trust me. You guys know me, you know, I’ve got strong lungs to sing the way I do.”

“Bottom line is, man, you know, maybe it’s crazy I put this video out, but I really wanted to help. I just want to help get your guys’ heads right out there.

"The s**t’s real man.

"Covid-19 is real. And it’s not over, either. So, whoever’s making those posts well, it’ll be over when the election it’s over.

"Really? Because is that why I’m still sitting here? Where is my magic vaccine?

“Maybe this is too

much for you. Maybe this will get wrote off. But man, people need to know the truth. This ain’t politics man."

Thanking the medical team for putting him on the road recovery , he said: "These doctors saved my life. These nurses saved my life.

“I personally am grateful for all these doctors and nurses here that have brought me back to life. And if it wasn’t for them. I wouldn’t be here.”


Jammie, who spent a total off 22 days in hospital before he was discharged, said he had no idea who would see his story and he really didn’t care

He is currently still on oxygen.

The video has been viewed more then 14,000 times and attracted more than 300 comments from people praising him for speaking out and wishing him well.

One commented: "Stay strong man.. Keep fighting! I wish I could share this over and over to a vast majority of people who still claim that this will disappear after the election.. But I don't want to exploit what you're going through. You are an amazing fighter!"

Coronavirus has to date killed 5,435 in his state and 266,015 in the US - making it the worst affected country in the world.


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