Iran completes clinical study on four COVID-19 herbal drugs

Speaking on the sidelines of studying the latest situation of vital medicines in the Parliament on Sun., Mohammad-Reza Shanehsaz reiterated that the license was issued for producing four herbal medicines which are effective in the treatment of coronavirus, COVID-19.

“These medicines were selected from a number of drugs that some claimed could be effective in helping or actual treatment of COVID-19.”

With the statistics and clinical studies made, one of these herbal medicines can definitely cure coronavirus disease while the two other drugs can help treat the disease, he said, adding, “Accordingly, one of the other medicines is about to be licensed.”

He further pointed out that clinical studies are underway on more than 70 herbal drugs, reiterating, “This is for the first time that Iran can do scientific research in the field of natural and herbal medicines and statistics obtained in this regard are very promising.”

source: mehrnews

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