Iran to test COVID-19 vaccine on human soon

Iranian Health Ministry spokeswoman, Sima Sadat Lari highlighted the good progress that Iran has made in developing the coronavirus vaccine, which has been already tested on monkeys.

She expressed hope that the Iranian vaccine would undergo human tests within the next couple of weeks.

The spokeswoman also stressed the need to observe the health protocols to prevent a new wave of coronavirus in the wintertime, particularly in the poorly ventilated indoor places.

“The coronavirus completely conforms to our social behavior,” Lari noted, warning that lax observance of the health protocols and the failure to take the pandemic seriously would raise the infection rate.

Iran has confirmed 386 new fatalities caused by the novel coronavirus, increasing the overall death toll to 34,864.

While the total number of coronavirus cases in Iran has risen to 612,772, more than 481,000 patients have recovered from the disease or been discharged from the hospital so far, IFP reported.

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