'Badger' to vie at 13th Jaipur International Film Festival

'Badger' is about a woman called Soodeh Sharifzadegan who is involved with a difficult challenge in her private life, while she is close to her second marriage.

Vishka Asayesh, Hassan Ma'ajouni, Mehraveh Sharifi Nia, and Gohar Kheirandish are among the cast members of the film.

The film has also taken part at the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival in China and the 15th Hamilton Film Festival in Canada. It will also vie at the 5th Annual Macedonian Film Festival.

Recently, 'Badger' won the Best Narrative film award at the 27th edition of Austin Film Festival in US, the best foreign film award at the Berkeley Video & Film Festival in the US, as well as the best movie award at the 6th BangkokThai International Film Festival in Thailand.

The Jaipur International Film Festival, the world's fastest-growing film festival, is held every year in January or February in Jaipur, India

Launched in January 2009, Jaipur International Film Festival -JIFF became established in organizing world film festival every year in Rajasthan.

The purpose of this film festival is to promote new movie makers, exchange of knowledge, information, ideas & culture between India & other nations in the context of their social and cultural ethos. JIFF also promotes friendship and co-operation among people of the world through the medium of films & documentaries.

The festival will be held on January 15-19, 2021.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.

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